World Ventures Review: World Ventures was founded a few years ago by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue. Steve little is the top money earner in World Ventures. I have to admit that I have firsthand experience in World Ventures because it was the first MLM I joined about 3 years ago. Their focus is on travel and vacations. You basically pay a few hundred bucks and get your name on a booking website and have an option to become a “Dreamtrips” member.  These Dreamtrip vacations are typically better priced than what you could book on your own. However, a big downfall is they are pre-determined dates with no flexibility in scheduling. There are no tangible products in World Ventures.

On the positive side, World Ventures has one of the absolute best training programs in the entire Network Marketing industry for new MLM reps. They charge their members an arm and a leg for these trainings which are usually around $300 for a weekend. Marc Accetta directs the trainings and he does a good overall job for inexperienced people in MLM. The problem with the training is Marc Accetta is still stuck in the 90’s with his training style. He suggests making a list of all your family, friends, and talk to everyone within “three feet of you.” They do not teach you how to use modern technology like SEO, Google PPC, Social Media, Blogs, etc which are HUGE weapons for the modern day recruiter. I would suggest spending that money seeing someone like Anthony Robbins instead.

The World Ventures Compensation Plan has some MAJOR FLAWS. The 5% commissions I made from bookings on my travel website were a joke as you don’t get paid for domestic airfare. The comp plan is the largest drawback for people involved in World Ventures. This is what prevents them from being the largest MLM in the world. If they fix it…watch out. They have what I call a “Restricted Binary Comp Plan”..let me explain…you need 180 active members between 2 teams (90 on the right and 90 on the left in a perfect world) to even start a residual income with the company. Over 99% of people who join World Ventures will never get to this residual income level(see their income disclosure and look at Director level )

Not only do they make it harder for their reps by having lineage hurdles to clear..but in recent years they added a 90 day average earnings to get promoted in ranks. This has frozen a lot of their reps at lower levels of income and increased what the owners get to take home each month. Maybe the owners are just smarter than everyone else. It’s the American way where people who just look at the numbers could choose to leave or stay chasing a dream that they have a 99% chance at failure. I was one of those people and I actually recruited over 40 personal reps in my first year. The problem was nobody I recruited wanted to go to hotel meetings every week, lunch meetings everyday, or home business parties over and over.

Even though I may have some minor criticism for World Ventures, I do not think they are a scam. I do think they are probably better than any of the other travel based MLMs because of the DreamTrips and the Training for new reps. But join with cautious optimism because there is a 99% chance you will not earn a residual income…ever….with World Ventures. If you are currently in World Ventures and looking to gain some momentum and have a chance to be in the top 1% you will want to get yourself an online marketing system to generate flow of leads like this

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