Do your prefer collecting tangible assets? If yes, Numis Network is the place for you. This new addition to the MLM world offers the opportunity to collect graded gold and silver coins while also earning a weekly paycheck.

Numis Network: About the Company

Numis Network has generated waves in the MLM world since September 2009 by introducing a very unique network marketing program where product itself is – Money. The idea is to provide graded gold and silver numismatic coins to the individual business partners for a low monthly membership fee. The coins are the highest grade condition and are sent to the members in sonically sealed protective plastic cases to preserve the pristine condition.

Numis Network Company headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida. Although Numis is a new entrant in the world of MLM business, its founders are renowned names in the network marketing sphere. Ian Cordell, Chris Kent and Jake Kevorkian, the founding partners of the company, have more than two decades of experience in direct sales market. Add the 20 years of experience of Mike Mezack in numismatics to this and you can see prospects of a great company. Mike Mezack has also sold over $1 Billion…yes billion…in numismatic coins on the HSN (Home Shopping Network) in 10 years.

Numis Network: Product Line

Numis Network has two basic programs – you can join as a Independent Collector Representative for $495 (which includes your first numismatic coin) or as a Member for $75 where you still earn commission and can profit from the internet sale of numismatic gold and silver coins. All the products are graded and certified by government organizations from different countries, such as the US, Australia, Austria, Canada, China and the UK.

Collecting graded silver and gold coins is a smart move, particularly when the real estate and stock markets are vulnerable to economic recession. However, it is hard to believe that the demand of precious metals, such as gold and silver, would experience a slump because there has been a demand for these metals for centuries. Further, the value of graded coins is also based on the pristine condition of the coin and the demand. The flagship product of Numis Network is the Silver American Eagle coin.

Numis Network: Compensation Plan

Numis Network’s compensation plan is unique, in the sense that it offers several exciting ways to earn money. The most common method to earn money is the Fast Track Collector bonus. You can earn $100 every time a Fast Track kit is bought through your referral. You can also earn commissions by selling graded coins to interested consumers. The network development plan is binary hybrid in nature. Thus, only two direct teams need be built to unlock the residual income. The downline can grow deep without any limitations. You capitalize on the efforts of all your downline members as well….whether you enrolled them or some else did. You actually can get people placed under you from your upline called “spillover.” Another nice aspect of the Numis Compensation Plan is the coded bonus feature where you get paid a bonus when your personally sponsored distributors enroll people. Numis has created a very rich compensation plan.

Bottom Line on Numis Network

Numis Network is not only a dollar churning machine, it could be an interesting hobby to collect graded coins from different countries. Numis Network is certainly NOT a scam. Since the network is relatively new, it is the perfect time to join the Numis Network and capture your share of this $110 Billion global market and leverage off the timing.

If you are interested in the Numis Network you can join the #1 team in the company and get FREE personal training at

Disclaimer: This article is not investment advice. I do not have a crystal ball that can tell me if gold or silver coins will go up or down in value. I do buy these coins myself and am proud to collect and share them with others. Please do your own due diligence before engaging in any business opportunity. Coins are cool!